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Cloudbeds Logo Expert Partner

One of the most popular solution for small to mid-sized hotels. A powerful system offering a lot of functionalities and an ever growing list of integrations thanks to a powerful API.

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RoomPriceGenie Logo Premier Partner

Simple but amazingly efficient and fully automated dynamic pricing solution. The Holy Grail for small to medium sized hotels! Usable with little professional experience.

One month 100% FREE TRIAL instead of fifteen days

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Definitely the most advanced solution existing on the market. Recommended for big hotels, resorts and chains looking for the best solution to manage pricing.

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An intelligent assistant for hoteliers to increase revenue thanks to dynamic pricing: Lybra is using big data to determine ideal room rates in real time for accurate Revenue Management.

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Atomize automatically sets optimal rates for every room type and is recommended for hoteliers looking for a hands on approach to Revenue Management.

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Pricepoint Logo Premier Partner

An affordable and fully automated revenue management solution to dynamically find optimal rates using advanced data science and machine-learning techniques.

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Gamechanger is a Revenue Strategy powerhouse allowing individual sources and room types segmentation with automated insights. Duetto is the leader in fully dynamic room pricing.

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happyhotel Logo Premier Partner New

An easy and simple revenue & yield management system for all hotels to increase revenue through data analysis, forecasting, price decisions and automation.

2 months of yielding algorithm & multi-property functions for free!

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SAAS RMS system using A.I to help revenue managers set pricing and increase profits. Recommended for hotels of 60 rooms or more as well as multiple properties groups.

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Pace Logo Partner

An efficient and modern tailored RMS solution using Machine Learning to offer real-time recommendations and forecasting. Ideal for bigger hotels & independent chains interested in cutting edge Revenue Management.

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RevControl, the Dutch cloud based revenue management system, offers comprehensive analytics, competitor rate shopping and automatic recommended rates.

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Simple but amazingly efficient and fully automated solution. The Holy Grail for small to medium sized hotels! Usable with little professional experience.

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A dynamic pricing tool to automatically optimize your Airbnb pricing and helps increase your average daily rate and occupancy.

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Climber's polished hotel analytics and smart pricing software empowers revenue managers with the information they need to make confident decisions.

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Takes into account the historical and current booking situation, competitor rates, market demand, events, holiday times, weather, guest reviews, and much more.

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N2Pricing Logo Premier Partner

N2Pricing is a new kind of revenue management system: lower costs, better forecasting, multi-property workflow, and more.

Free consultation with an experienced N2Pricing engineer

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An affordable tool to support your pricing decisions created to increase the volume of hotel reservations.

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Dynamic pricing through hyper-local analytics to maximize revenue growth for vacation rental owners and managers.

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Revdash is an interactive analytics dashboard showing all the right information to help you make the best pricing decisions - and a fully automated solution if connected to your PMS.

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Aiosell Logo Premier Partner New

An all-in-one, fully integrated and complete solution including: PMS, CM, RMS, POS and more; for medium and big hotels worldwide.

Channel Manager 100% free with any one of Aiosell products

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Hi, I am IVI. A Virtual Revenue Management Assistant that helps you make better decisions faster.

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Profit Intelligence is much more than just another Revenue Management System… it lets you take back control of your stratregy!.

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Price My Hotel Room is a Revenue Management System (RMS).

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RevApp is a SaaS tool which helps small and medium sized hoteliers with their pricing strategies, by offering them a dynamic pricing application.

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Right Revenue provides a revenue management software solution, designed speciifcally for independent hotels.

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SYSIRMS is your one-stop solution when it comes to staying ahead of the game! By using machine learning alongside expert human input, our AI can take care .

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The Demand Calendar is a straightforward and easy-to-use system for planning, tracking, and optimizing all revenue streams with a minimum of resources.

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Wrong pricing decisions can cost you thousands. RatePing helps Hotels and Vacation Rentals stay alert and ensures that you make the smartest pricing.

0 0 1 is the full service marketing partner for vacation rental owners to maximize the booking revenue and minimize the operational hassle. Powered by our cloud based channel manager software and hands on account management.

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We manage everything from hotel operations to revenue management, sales and marketing to technology and everything in between.

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Hotelsystem vendéglátóipari program család, ügyviteli rendszerek.

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Increase direct bookings and hotel revenue · Blastness offers technologies, services, consultancy, training and support for digitalising and growing room sales .

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BookingPal offers an ultimate suite of distribution tools helping businesses in advertising, marketing & management of vacation rental .

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Complete cloud property management systems for hotels, pubs and serviced apartments

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Maximize hotel revenues and lower operating costs with Reznext.

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Increase hotel revenue and bookings with YieldPlanet's solutions: channel manager, revenue management system, booking engine, rate shopper.

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Your digital transformation journey starts here! Let our high-tech solutions support your business grow.

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Increase your revenue in any situation thanks to proRMS – a fully featured Revenue Management System. Get all crucial information in one place, optimize your prices and automate daily tasks. Enjoy ease of use as proRMS is intuitive and integrates with other hotel software.

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Maximize sales and profitability with Revenue Management software that helps you find the best market rate in real time.

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Nous quittons le RMS analytique pour entrer dans le monde de notre RMS prédictif unique de nouvelle génération.

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TRS | Turkeyf Reservation Systems provides Complete Hotel Solutions and Online Reservation Systems for hotels and hotel chains.

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Hotel Perfect · Hotel Management Made Easy · Complete control, wherever you are · Revenue management has never been so easy · Proven Customer Success · Plans and .

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CMS Hospitality offers a wide range of hospitality software.

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For over 20 years, Barefoot Agent 4.0 system is the most innovative solution in the vacation rental industry. We provide our clients with the most reliable and capable trust accounting solution in the industry. Our focus is on helping our clients become a vacation experience provider, not just a vacation rental company by pushing the envelope on concierge and activity upsell.

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Avantio's goal is to provide dynamic and innovative cloud-based solutions for professional agencies who manage significant numbers of vacation rental properties.

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The graphical online hotel occupancy plan or room plan is the heart of the online hotel software (PMS, Property Management System). You can see at a glance which of your rooms, apartments or holiday apartments are occupied and which are still available.

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Seekom provides cloud solutions for online bookings, sales channel management, and property management system.

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Nimble technology. Intelligent service. Hospitality expertise.
We use these pillars to uphold our mission in keeping hotels competitive.

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EaseRoom, a brand of GI Hospitalities, is a leading one stop Hotel Distribution Management Software for all vendors comprising small to large hotels, hotel chains, OTAs and all other travel tour agencies.

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Drive more direct bookings to accelerate your recovery.

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Whether you are a small or large hotel,
an independent travel agent or tour operator
AxisRooms has got you covered!

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Revnomix is the leading hotel revenue management company in India known for its services, strategies, business intelligence and dynamic rate strategy.

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Rate Wise is a leading revenue management company specialising in cloud based software and yield management consultancy.

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Connect with your guests on their unique journey. Start making sense of your data and put your guests at the heart of what you do.

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The Revenue Management is changing.

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XOTELS is an International Hotel Management Company, specializing in independent, boutique and lifestyle hotels.

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Busy Rooms offers an adaptable, brandable, and scalable cloud-based Central Reservation System designed to be the control center for our Customers daily .

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Roomer is the new, soon to be released version of the famous RevParGuru Yield Management System.

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